Size Kits $1 TODAY ONLY ♡ 100% Gel Handpainted Press-On Nails -TNF


  • How long is processing and shipping?

My processing time is 1-2 weeks (7–14 days), shipping depends on which option you choose at checkout.

Disclaimer: Any order that has been shipped by the shipping carrier is out of my hands once I’ve dropped it off. If you think a package is lost, call the shipping carrier first. Of course in the case of a completely lost package you can contact me for replacements. (Completely lost meaning when you track the order it says it was delivered to your address but was not, or that it has been 3 weeks and your order has not arrived.)

  • Can I measure with acrylics on?

No, you should only measure your nails when they are completely bare.


  • How long do the nails last?
The nails will last 3 weeks but ONLY with proper application and correct sizing. 

 Application and size is VERY important!


  • What comes with my nail order?

 10 hand-painted press ons, 1 Glue, 10 gel press on tabs, 1 cuticle pusher, 1 mini file, and 1 mini buffer.  

  • Are the nails re-usable?
Yes, my nails are reusable. Check our "How to Remove & Reuse" tab

  • What if I enter the incorrect address?

Please make sure you are entering the correct address. If you make a mistake before a shipping label is made, you can email us, and we will fix it.  If you need to change your address after the label has been printed, you will be charged to re-print another label.


  • Can I get a refund?
We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or cancellations due to the type of product that we create. If the nails have some sort of defect, please email us a photo and we can fix the issue. Missing a nail? We will send you a replacement nail if you email us within two days of recieving your order. After two days you will have to pay for a replacement.


  • What happens if I order the wrong size?

Ordering the correct size is very important. There are two main ways to learn your size. The best is to purchase a size kit, next is the tape measure method. Since you can purchase a size kit and find your EXACT nail size, I do not allow exchanges. 


  • How long does glue last? How long do sticky tabs last?

Glue will last at least 3 weeks; Tabs last a few hours to a day (perfect for one night events)


  • How resistant are the nails in water?

Very, but it depends on if you apply a good amount of glue and have the correct size for you nails. If the nail is the wrong size, it will be easy for water to get under and soften the glue.

  • Colors

Colors may look slightly different in person due to lighting, skin tones, etc.