Meet The Artist

Hi! My name is Ka'Mya and I am the nail artist behind TheeNailFactory. I started this business in 2019 (at 15 years old) as a way to do my passion but not have to work with others in person as I had really bad anxiety at the time and it just wasn’t something I could see myself doing. Since then my anxiety has gotten better but I’ve grown to love being a virtual nail tech for many reasons. One being the COMMUNITY. My fellow press on nail artist friends are so kind and so are my customers!  I specialize in cute hand painted press on nails of (currently) 12 different shapes. My shapes range from xs squoval all the way to Long Round. My nails are etched during prep, filed to precision, and I use gels that keep the nails sturdy but flexible enough for 3 weeks of wear. Feel free to DM or Email me if you have any press on questions. ‹3