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Nail Sketchbook Templates - For Press On Nail Artists <3

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6 blank nail canvases including long stiletto, medium almond, medium round, medium square, short round, and short square. Also 4 “How To’s” to help you if needed. :)

 By a press on nail artist, for press on nail artists. I love sketching out my designs every now and then so that l have a sense of direction once l bring my gels out. As much as I love a detailed sketch, sometimes I just want to quickly draw out my thoughts and get to work. To help with that, I’ve made the nails in my nail template transparent so you don’t need to worry about drawing inside the lines.

I’ve also included a selection of nude bases for you to choose from so no need to spend your time searching for the perfect nude. I’ve done it for you. There is a section for your clients nail tip sizes, a section for mood-board photos, and a notes box.

Lastly, included with your order are “How Tos” to help you get familiar with sketching your nail designs on procreate.

I hope my template helps you and I cannot wait to see your sketches come to life! <3